How change theme to downloaded theme?

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    I found a WordPress theme that I would like to use. It downloaded from the creator’s site as a zip file. When I unzip it, I don’t know where to save it, and how to activate it as my new theme.

    Help please? I’m a rookie with WordPress. I have a little bit of Blogger experience, but that’s all. I searched the forums, but didn’t find something that addressed this, other than posts that had comments closed, so I could not post there.




    First off Link 2 your WordPress.COM blog please starting with the prefix http
    So we can determine what blogging platform your blogging with so we can help you.

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve the purposes…
    If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your question.



    How ro instal new theme to my wordpress … ????

    any help means to me a lot …




    If you have downloaded a theme, you should either be at or you should not have needed to download a theme. Here, at we don’t need to download themes.



    We can have CSS upgrade to customize any desired template, instead.



    Yes, but you need to pay for the upgrade.

    Also, bebo19, you’re wordpress address doesn’t have www in it. It’s just


    At wordpress.COM we cannot install our own themes. We are limited to the ones listed under design > themes.

    If you have CSS editing experience, and get the paid CSS upgrade, you can customize the look of the themes here and if you are really good with CSS, the Sandbox theme is highly customizable. Do be aware though that there is no official support for the CSS upgrade and few volunteers here in the forums who have much in-depth knowledge of it. It’s best to either have experience with CSS, or do some of the online tutorials before starting, and before you buy the CSS upgrade, use the CSS preview to try out your changes beforehand.


    @tek07: All linked up now. Sorry, didn’t know I needed to do that.

    @lizii: Yep, that was it. I downloaded a them from wordpress.ORG

    @thesacredpath: I didn’t realize we are limited to the choices WordPress provides. I’m coming from Blogger and you can search various sites on the Internet to get new themes to install. I mistakenly assumed that was the case here as well. I have gone ahead and installed one of the themes that allowed me to at least change color selections. Better than nothing, I guess. So does that mean that all the WordPress templates I see offered elsewhere on the Internet are for wordpress.ORG, not for those of us on wordpress.COM (are we the poor relations?)

    @babalicious5 and @thesacredpath: I have no experience with CSS. Maybe it’s time to learn! Thanks for the links.


    hi everyone…im newbie in wordpress….i have my own pic how can i change it to be my blog theme?
    thanks oh…



    Please provide your blog link so we know which blogging platform you’re on.

    Now assuming that you have a blog, the answer is, like we’ve said above, you will need the CSS upgrade to change your theme.

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