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How come a racist post negating the shoah is an "article phare" (french version)

  1. fracturedenuit

    I was appalled to discover among the "articles phares" a post saying the shoah did not exist. The blog is named "the citoyen engagé" and I would like to know how such an article became to be an "article phare". In my country, such an article is more or less illegal and I would think in France too ("incitation à la haine raciale")
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  2. As Albert Einstein once said: The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

    There are people who are not geniuses all over the internet espousing hatred and racism and even denial of the holocaust. Those with any functional intellect whatsoever ignore them. Those who are dull of wit flock to those hate-filled asinine sites like flies are drawn to manure piles.

    Please see here:

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