How come an image I deleted still shows up in google search engines?

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    So I have a dilemna. I did a photoshoot with a model who has requested I delete a photo of her, or remove her name from the information listed with the image.
    She would like thsi done for professional reasons which I am more then happy to do this.
    Problem is, I’ve deleted the image entirely, but it still comes up with the information when you search her name/the page. Even though it no longer exists.
    How to I stop this from happening?

    The blog I need help with is



    It may take between 3 – 6 months for Google to clear their image cache. However you may be able to use the The URL Removal Tool and expedite the removal. If you have deleted a web page or an image and it has been removed from the server and, the URL returns a 404 page not found error, then you can request Google to remove the page from their indexed cache. Remember the URL of the page to be removed must return a 404 error otherwise this tool will not work. See >



    Remember Google is not the only search engine.



    To use the URL removal tool you must be verified as the owner of the blog

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