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How come I am not on the TAG Poetry Page?

  1. I write a poetry blog at and regularly update, but I am not on the TAG page for poetry. I don't understand why as I tag all my poems and they are all under the category 'poetry'? I'd also love to get featured but don't know how to increase my chances to do so. I hope someone can enlighten me...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have published a new post and it isn’t showing up in the global tag listings for the tag and categories that you’ve used, there are several possible explanations: You are most likely overusing Categories and tags. The rule of thumb is to assign only the minimum number of directly related Categories and Tags. Please see here >

  3. OK, I will double check over my tags and delete the unessesery tags. I only have two categories and only put each post into one of the two, Life / Poetry so the categories aren't the problem.

  4. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you that all search engines and do no differentiate between Categories and Tags. They treat them exactly the same way. I have seen your blog. Please read that section again. If you are using more than a combined total of 10 Categories and Tags on any individual post that could result in the post not appearing on the global tag pages.

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