How come I can't access my site stats???

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    I can’t access my site stats – I have multiple blogs and I can’t access any of the site stats for any of them because the page keeps redirecting to a summary page. This is crap! Why can’t you people leave something alone that’s working? Every time I visit my blogs to write something the website changes.

    FIX THIS NOW!!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m experiencing the same thing right now in the latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox.

    If I try to use the drop down menu to access the stats for any other site other than my indicated primary site, I’m dumped over to the Reader.

    I’ll just go ahead and flag this for Staff.



    I am having the same problem as justjennifer. Every time I try to look at the stats, I get redirected too.

    I am also using Google Chrome, and the same is happening on my smart phone.



    Same happens on FireFox and Safari. It’s hugely irritating, especially where it was working not even an hour before this redirect issue popped up. And, there’s no way to alert support, or at least for the general user and no one knows what’s going on.



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    Until it’s fixed, you can always access the old stats page in your site’s Dashboard.

    You can find it at and, of course, replacing “yoursitename” with your site name. It won’t have the pretty look of the New Dash, but you can at least see the activity.




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    The issues should now be fixed and all should be back to normal, sorry for the stats downtime there.



    Thank you for the quick fix.

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