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How come my colleague's account activation email will not come through?

  1. I am trying to get one of my colleagues set up on our WGAInsureblog with a username. The email that is supposed to come through to allow him to activate his new account has not come after 24 hours and I am wondering if someone can help with this. We just need to get the email through so he can activate it and then have his username set up on our blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread has been tagged for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. We don't have any pending or active signups under WGAInsureblog.

    Please feel free to try registering again.

  4. I have tried re-registering and it won't let me use his email address because it says that it is already in use. We have checked his inbox thoroughly and there is no verification email from WordPress anywhere. We need this issue resolved as soon as possible, so please let me know if you can reset it and make the email address available again or try resending the verification email again. Immediate help would be much appreciated.


  5. What is the email address?

  6. [email redacted]. Another one of my colleagues is expecting an email to reset her password. That email also never came, but should have gone to [email redacted].

  7. Providing the email address in the usual format means that the forum software will redact it. No one except Staff can see it.

  8. I"m very confused. can you just help me get this email so that we can verify his account please??

  9. Ah, Marcus registered the username as marcusjanus, not WGAInsureblog.

    I have removed the pending registration for our system. Please have him try again.

    For the other, have her go to and click "Need More Help?"

  10. Staff are trying to help you. Please read what macmanx posted above and answer him.

    What is the email address?

  11. I got the email address already. I'm one of the few who can see them.

  12. Sorry about the overlap above.

  13. Not a problem. :)

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