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How come my pics on posts are all gone??

  1. This has been occurring for a few days now, intermittently. Right now, it's constant. I am using Firefox AND IE. I've tried with both. I've signed in and out, cleared cache and all on both browsers. When I go to posts which are NOT on the front page, the pics don't show up with the posts.

    Why? It hasn't always been like this so I know something's wrong. :(

    Thanks for any help.


  2. I see your images just fine, but they are huge. You might consider optimizing them before uploading them. See instructions here:

  3. I see images only up to the METROMINT post. All earlier are gone. Can you currently see all of mine?

  4. OK, now they ARE all there, EXCEPT one for the Fine Erotic Art one posted March 12. Where is that one?

    And I'll check on the size. I didn't think they were huge. I resize almost all of them before I post. I'll recheck tho.

    But that missing one is really important....



  5. Ummm... I don't have time to read that whole article on the link you provided. Sorry.

  6. Sorry for posting so many here... but anyway, that link isn't instructions. It's an article.

  7. Oh now this IS weird. the first time I looked at your pages, all the image were there and they weren't large. Now on a second load using "previous entries" and "next entries" the image placeholders load and then collapse. The images never load. ???

  8. Yeah, they are coming and going like flies! I have no idea what is going on. And yeah, it's changing depending on whether you click past posts or not. It's crazy.

    What is considered a 'HUGE' image as raincoaster said? They're only like 400x500pixels. That's not huge is it?

  9. @arianskyy-I'm not sure what raincoaster is seeing. When I saw your images, they were sized just fine and not "large". For Cutline the max width is 480 pixels.

    But that's not the problem, the second time viewing anything other than the front page of your blog, I'm getting 404 errors for your image links. I'm also looking at it in FF's page info tool/media tab and the images from the second page just aren't there.

  10. Hi JJ,
    Yes, that's what I was seeing also. Now it's intermittent though. After I first posted, then went back to look again, they were ALL back strangely enough, except for one. I reloaded that one. It's been there now on 2 checks, but others are now gone. It's really bad. No wonder I'm losing traffic. This isn't cool at all. I hope someone can fix it. The pics ARE there and functioning for sure because they have been there up to now.

  11. Btw-try changing your blog's Read setting to display only 4 or 5 posts per page and see if that doesn't help.

  12. I had it set to 5 and when I went to previous posts, that's when I noticed they were all gone on every page other than first page. So I thought making more posts per page would fix it. So I know that's not the cause... Also, it has worked once or twice with the posts set as they are now. It's just not consistent no matter what any more. Every time I go look, other ones are gone and ones that were gone, are back. It's psycho!

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