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How come my poll won't work?

  1. I did everything correctly. 8 got the text widget and put the code in and nothing happend please help. I just want it on my side bar

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It works fine, but you put it in a Post, not in the sidebar.

  3. I know but I want in the sidebar

  4. See here please as raincoaster is correct. You have placed the poll in a post and not in a text widget.

  5. I know I placed in the post on purpose. But when I enter the code into the text widget so it can also be in my side bar it wouldnt show it

  6. See this is the code I entered In the text widget [ polldaddy poll= 5806630]

  7. When adding a poll to your sidebar, you may need to update its design to use the Narrow style to ensure that it properly fits.

    Try that. And don't put the space between the opening bracket and the "p".

  8. Your Poll worked fine for me in a test blog when I take the space out "[ poll..." take the space out - the space is not liked at all as @RC noted above

  9. Thank you, I will try that.

  10. So the brackets you mean take out? So it should look like this Pollydaddypoll= 5806630

  11. [polldaddy poll= 5806630]

    Take out the space between the "[" and the "p" - or just paste in the code I have above in a text widget in your sidebar - worked fine in my test blog.

  12. Thank you I will try that !

  13. Do u see the poll? On my site

  14. No. I see the poll in the post only.

  15. Yes, That's what i was trying to figure out why. What i did is i got the text widget then i put the title and then the code. That's weird its not working

  16. A poll can show up in one place only. If you want it in your sidebar, remove it from the post.

  17. OHH! okay thank you!

  18. Take a look! I got it finally!

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