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How come some commentors (who are not wp users) couldn't post their comments?

  1. digitalcatharsis

    I have been receiving messages from commentors that they couldn't post a comment because they were being asked to log in (on either WordPress or Gravatar, They being directed to another log-in page). My settings is set to ask for a name and email only, but how come some commentors couldn't post their comment? Some commentors (who are mostly owning blogs from another domain) shy away because they didn't want to bother with lots of registering.
    Thank you!
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  2. If they are using an email address that is either associated with a wordpress.COM account, or is associated with a Gravatar account, they will be asked to log in to prove that email address is theirs. This change was due to people impersonating others in comments (as I understand it it was impersonation of a Google big-wig that set this change in motion).

    Sadly this is happening more and more on the internet and that is part of the reason you are now seeing so many places requiring registration and login to comment.

    Welcome to the web.

  3. I should have mentioned that they can either use a different email address, or they can log in, or you can go to settings > discussion and set your site so that a name and email address is not required and then tell everyone NOT to use an email address. The email address field will still be there and if they enter an email address associated with a or gravatar account, it will still trigger the login requirement.

  4. digitalcatharsis

    Thanks for all these info! You're a big help!

  5. You are welcome.

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