How come Support just don't answer emails?

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    They really don’t. I’ve experienced this before and am doing so again. I can’t be the only one …


    The blog I need help with is



    I assume they have a heavy workload and are working as quickly as they can to deal with the support tickets sent in to them.



    In my experience, they don’t answer at all. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath!



    Just to prove my point, I have now submitted a relevant support question – not one that could be answered in a Forum – 4 times. No reply whatsoever!



    We’re just a little bit behind, which is something that happens from time to time when you provide free support for over 25 million users.

    I see that you have 3 email requests, 2 sent a day ago and 1 sent 15 hours ago, and a forum request sent 30 minutes ago. All 4 requests are about the same thing.

    Hang in there and we’ll reply as soon as we can.



    Thanks — although I have to say that I got a similar “hang in there” message a while back when a similar thing occurred and no reply was forthcoming!

    Can understand how swamped you must get, and also that half the stuff you get sent is probably about things that have been solved a million times in forums. Maybe a better filtering mechanism for junk requests would help.


    The recommended route is submitting your request here:

    In my experience, staff usually reply to such tickets within one or two days. Not bad, in my opinion, given the number of users.

    If you didn’t get a reply for requests sent a day ago, 15 hours ago, and 30 minutes ago, that doesn’t prove your point at all: it only proves you’re impatient. The Support system isn’t a phone answering service.

    And if all four of your mails were about the same thing, then you yourself contributed three “junk requests”.



    I have to say in my experience Support have been wonderful, although I’ll admit I haven’t submitted a help ticket for some time.

    I agree with pana – submitting multiple requests for the same thing just adds to the clutter they have to deal with , thus slowing everything down for everyone.

    I would follow up after several days, not several hours.



    Re: panaghiotisadam.
    Touche! I must say I have commtted the error of impatience as well. But only did I send two support request, albeit for the same thing I have since discovered seems to be an across the board issue for WP right now. And in the past, for I happened across a request dated back from 2009 for the same trouble.
    Had I been experienced a bit better in navigating the site I may have faired a bit better granted, and then not become an additional problem for the staff.

    All that being said, I would have adored a simple, “we’re working on this, we received your trouble request, etc… anything more than nothing would have been better. Just saying.


    @tonij – re your last paragraph: Last time I sent a Support ticket (a week ago), I received a copy of my ticket preceded by “Thank you for your support request:” and followed by “Your message is flying through cyberspace to us as you read this. We will get back to you as soon as we can.”



    Support has been inconsistent lately. I have made email submissions and I have been seeking support through forum. Most often, I get earlier support replies through forum than email. However, it used to be that official email replies were lot quicker back in the days, but not anymore.



    To all;
    I need to first make a correction as I was wrong in what I saying in earlier post that I had only received the generic message that stated my issue was being worked on. I’d simply neglected to remember that I’d also received a message from an engineer that they were aware of the issues I was having and were in the works towards a fix.

    II’d rather have to admit to being a space cadet than a liar. :)

    I also received an update today from same said engineer that the problems should be fixed. I cannot say whether is true in my case yet as I’ve yet to receive a any noticications since the fix. I did however yesterday start receiving some notications again with content.

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