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how creat post in pages

  1. Hi! I've creat one page to write a little about myself but I don't understand one thing: why does it propose to me only one thing ? Can't I post "posts" on it ?

  2. You can add a page to your blog via Dashboard -> Write -> Write Page.

    By the way, what do you mean by *it*? :)

  3. hey, i just have a question. i've been thru all the threads about pages but none doesn't seem to answer my problem perfectly. I've just created a new page an dI'd like to pust some posts on that particular page not only on my Home Page. tried to do that but the posts keep getting reverted to my Home page not my newly-created page. How can I create a ne wpost under a different page? pls. help...

  4. Posts are not Pages. They are completely seperate. :)

    To create a new Page under an old page, go to the Write Page and create your new Page. Before you publish it though, assign the Page that you want it under at Page Parent on the right hand side of the Write Page screen.

    Hope this helps,

  5. ok, i might not have stated my problem correctly. i'm not meaning to create a new page independentof the homepage coz i already did thatneither am i wanting to create a new page under an old page. i know the full difference of a page from a post that's why i want to make a new post under the new page i just created. is it clearer now my problem? wha ti meant was i want to make a new post under the new page i just created, separate from my home page, is it possible that's what i need to know. thanks for trying to answer my question the first time, hope you can help me on this...

  6. You can not make a Post under a Page.

    Each Page only shows up one at a time. They are completely seperate from the dating and category systems that exist for Posts. You can though create new additional Pages and place those under already created Pages as stated in my last post.

    Hope this helps,

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