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How Custom is Custom CSS?

  1. i don't mind buying credits to do custom css.. but i was looking at the page where you can edit the css (for a preview) and it doesnt really seem to be that customizable (other then coloring and a few other things)... i would like to put the following header on my page... because otherwise i'm going to switch over to blogger where you can do total custom pages.... is there a way I can put the following header on my site (with the links) ... you can see the header at

  2. If you use Sandbox, you can do pretty much whatever you want but you are going to be starting from scratch. If you are already well-versed in CSS, that won't be a problem. But if you are new to CSS (and it certainly does a heck of a lot more than just "coloring and a few other things") then you are going to have a hard time. There is no official support for CSS and only a few people here are well versed in it.

  3. where do i find this sandbox... i'm not well versed.. but i taught myself HTML i'm sure i can teach myself css...

  4. It is a theme available in your dashboard (design>themes) There are two versions - use the 1.0 version since it has some stuff in it not available in the older version.

    Use the preview function BEFORE buying the CSS upgrade.

  5. thanks.. i'll have a go and see what happens

  6. hmmm css must be drastically different than html... i have no idea where i'd put a header in this mess.

  7. Yes, it's quite different.

    Note that you won't be able to use Flash, javascript, etc with the CSS upgrade. But you'd certainly be able to do that header easily.

    There are some CSS references and tutorials in the FAQ, so look through those. Don't make the purchase until you're fluent enough that all your desired changes work in the preview.

  8. Yes, it is totally different - a whole different language. Before I messed with Sandbox (which is what I'm using on my blog), I spent a long time tweaking an existing theme. Even so, I'm still a long way from being an expert.

  9. yea, i gotta lot of reading to do i guess... i like everything else about my wordpress page, except that i cant put that header (from the blogger page above)... am i able to edit the css from my current theme to add my header that i want.. or do i have to use sandbox?

  10. well if theres anyone out there who is into CSS and is quick at it.. and they wouldnt mind helping me out... i would be very greatful if someone could make whatever the change is to my css code so i can put that header in.... if you wanna drop me an email, i can give you the code thats in my css already, and the links for my header on the other site... then i can paste the new css in and purchase the css upgrade. my email is
    [Email removed, please don't feed the spammers - vanillalounge]

  11. You can put that header up there but it won't have the links in it. The only thing you can put in your existing blog is a picture.

    You might be able to use the <div class> trick to place the links in the header, but I'm not sure.

  12. Um, putting your email in the forums is a very bad idea. You will get lots of spam. Mods - please remove

  13. yea, i'm wanting to put the links in too.. each of the links is its own image.. its not 1 image... so your saying tha i cant do what i'm wanting to with css??

  14. Yes, but not in the theme you are using, at least not with some extra work, such as using the <div class> I mentioned. Sandbox is designed for creating from scratch.

  15. well is there anyone out there who just loves CSS??/ i'd love some help with this..

  16. There is no one here that is going to do that for you. As I said at the beginning - there are very few folks (maybe 2?) who understand CSS well enough to do what you are trying to do.

    Your choices are: learn CSS yourself, live with what the choices are here, or move to Blogger.

  17. That's the kind of help that generally is NOT available for free. Take a look at some of the references and see if you can work it out; I've seen it done here, it's basically just displacing the tabs. It's easier to do with Sandbox, because it's not just one theme; there are many varieties, with different functionality.

  18. @ raincoaster.. what do you suppose it would be worth?

  19. I'm not a CSS coder so I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. You might get an estimate by checking over in the forums at, because they do have a bit of a board for coding, etc and bids. Make sure you specify it's a job, though.

  20. Chris, you can use Sandbox
    Set your header as a wrapper background, using css,
    Write the link images in a text widget,
    And then pull the widget up, below your header
    I've done it once before.

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