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how did a visitor to my blog visit this url from my site when it's not on my+

  1. blog?…

    it takes you to and that is not a link anywhere on my site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like they clicked on one of the adsense ads that wordpress.COM occasionally shows on our blogs. If people come to your blog from a search engine, occasionally wordpress will show google adsense ads on your blog to help pay for the expenses of running a free blog hosting service.

  3. Oh, OK. I was just curious. I thought maybe one of my links went wacko. I've never seen one of those pop up. Would I actually see one, or just a visitor?

  4. Logged-in users and regular readers will not normally see ads on They are shown only to a small percentage of viewers, and we try not to annoy regular visitors with them.

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