How Did I Get This Ad?

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    I went back for a look at a post I made a few days ago (Skylines) and to my surprise found a Google ad at the bottom. I assume it’s still there. I am anything but a big-time operation — normally less than a half-dozen views per day per blog.

    According to the WordPress site information, I gather one might expect an ad being thrown in, but I also gather it’s done where the following is in the thousands.

    Thanks for any explanations.

    The blog I need help with is


    Correction: I was not seeing things last night, but I just looked again and the ad is not there now — tried it both with the archives list and by going backwards. This time, however, in order to not lose this Questions page, I opened a new tab and pulled it up via a Bing search. Don’t know what I did last night.

    If it makes a difference, I variously use any one of three browsers: IE8, Avant, and Opera.



    The randomness of ads on WP cannot be determined by bloggers.

    A passionate piece I wrote, years ago, on pedophile priests, got
    some attention, but my wedge of WP was new then. One day I saw an ad
    on it and went nuts: WHAT is “appropriate” ad for THAT. –An
    essay on death –to get ads for coffins???

    If you do a Search: you will see two threads I started –ads on WP
    blogs; first time community discussion, with WP staff commenting,
    but not REALLY replying.

    May be more useful to read THAT, than asking to rehash the old.

    You should ALWAYS do SEARCH before posting –especially if you
    want a reputation with volunteers, for doing your homework BEFORE



    Hi There!

    A quick support search for ads displayed these support document results…

    This support document will explain why there is ads within your posts at times

    This support document will explain the option of getting rid of the ads via a upgrade option


    Thanks. This time I ran the site search on what you said, i.e., ads on WP
    blogs. This time I found more “logical enlightenment.”

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