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How did I get this souped-up Dashboard menu bar?

  1. I launched Firefox (after shutting down the MacBook yesterday) and found that when Firefox restored my previous session as logged in to the Dashboard, I had several new items on my toolbar (or menu bar if you like). New menus had appeared, and familiar menus had new items. If I open a new (tabbed) window in the domain, the menu bar is as usual.

    Here are the menus:

    [edit - Mark]

    Most unusual. No one else has had access to my laptop. Love to know how this happened.

  2. I've got the same problem...!

  3. You'll need to contact staff for this matter. I also tagged this thread with modlook
    to bring this thread to staffs attention.

    Staff contact link:

  4. Thanks for the help, teck07. This was my first post.

  5. Your welcome! alarob, :)

  6. Was a brief bug - sorry!

  7. This bug is still buggin me! When I log on to my dashboard, the admin bar at the top has a whole bunch of new items like query and grey tag, which weren't there yesterday. But more importantly, when I try to upload a photo into my post, it now asks me if I want to leave this page with unsaved content instead of opening the usual little screen. Can someone help me?

  8. iamtheonlyrightcoastgirl

    That bug is a cockroach, they are able to survive nuclear blasts! My dashboard has Greek Alphabet and a Greyscale, many odd and different things. I did disable gears and reload same prob!
    Thanks For Help

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