How did it get here?

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    How did it get here? And how do I eliminate it?

    Please see

    And specifically the section at the end called “Possibly related posts:” and the three entries following it. The first two are links to my own blog, the third is a poacher.

    I did not add any of these, and I cannot edit them out? How did it get there, and how do I remove them?



    You can turn this new feature off by going to your Dashboard – Design – Extras and turn off the option.



    I didn’t see such an option.

    The only thing I have checked is “Enable Snap Shots on this blog,” which I’ve always had checked.

    “Hide related links” is unchecked.



    "Hide related links" is unchecked.

    Check that box and they will be hidden if that is what you want turning off the possibly related links.



    Thanks you Trent…. That did it. Should have read it more closely. Was looking for a Turn ON rather than turn OFF

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