How did my blog get translated to Prussian?

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    On my stats page, under ‘Referrers’ I happened to click on and my entire blog appears in Prussian. How did this happen? I did not authorize or ask for this. Please explain as I am concerned that someone else is copying all my hard work and effort.

    The blog I need help with is



    That just means someone who doesn’t speak English used Google Translate to read your website. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they copied your content.

    And perhaps you’re confusing Russia and Prussia? (It doesn’t matter, I know, but I just wanted to point out those are two completely different places).


    Thanks airodyssey. That’s what I thought and hoped…so thanks for your opinion. Definitely translated into Prussian according to Google. I have since discovered the translation service available and when I think of it, it is pretty amazing that people worldwide can translate our posts!

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