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How did my email address get attached to my WP blog posts & seen in a websearch

  1. Please address this--How did my email address get published on the web for 7 posts of my WordPress blog - ' ' ? It is my understanding that is private & guarded info. Of course I never put the address in my blog. . I did a Google search of 'me on the web', which encompasses Google products of forums, Google Groups, blogger & youtube. Not gmail. I have a screenshot of the search result. By an edit date of one post this happened after 22Feb13.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm looking at your blog and I'm not seeing that email address anywhere. Where are you seeing it? Also, have you commented on any other blogs from that account since that date?

  3. Thanks for your concern. Sorry! I acted in panicky haste with this--no, it doesn't show on the blog. That was my concern of course.
    I had Googled my email address (within the Google-product-only search parameter) and those posts were 7 of 8 hits, One was a (Google) Chrome extension site, the other 7 were these wordpress. I still don't know how they came to be included though.

  4. The connection is definitely not coming from us. Have you added your blog as a link to your Google+ profile? If so, it's entirely possible that Google is connecting the two that way.

  5. ‚Äč
    I appreciate your attention macmanx. I really didn't mean to seem accusatory towards wordpress although it sounds that way. 'Act first-think later' in this case , as I didn't check the blog itself before writing, and the address is not seen on the blog.
    But on Google I give the bare mininum of info, no plus-one, connects, or links, etc (In the beginning I didn't realize that one how-to question to a forum would live on forever, and in various languages for a product now discontinued almost 2 years!)
    I'm baffled how this happened., and Google hides from direct contact email, no help there.

  6. It's definitely not coming from us, sorry about that! :(

    Perhaps Google is connecting with something else for the info.

  7. Who knows about Google-- they are changing things all the time and don't announce all changes, probably because of the flood of negative feedback from users (mail, docs, background images, eliminating products & features). They are now basically censoring searches for content and with search preferences altered - on the sly, people discovering on their own. Bad.

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