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How did you choose your theme?

  1. I've been using San Kloud ever since I started my blog in May.

    For me, a theme must have the following qualities:

    1- Text that is legible for readers of all ages. That means no white text on a black background.

    2- A custom header option (or a unique header on a theme that few people use).

    3- Text and menus in boxes, separated from the background image, and preferably with a lot of the image showing. This lets me have a more eye-popping look without compromising readability.

    I actually just wrote about happiness and change on my blog:

  2. My aim was to make a photography blog and Nishita was the only theme I found that would let me post big enough pictures. It also allowed me to use just one column with widgets at the bottom, so that's the theme I ended up with :)

  3. I picked Bueno because visually it makes my posts stand out very separately from each other, they don't all meld together into one run-on blog. And the sidebar is part of the background color, so it's available, but doesn't intrude on the posts.

    I wanted the focus on the individual posts, and their visuals, not any background visuals, so I like the boxes around the posts and how the background recedes away from them.

    My blog has a very narrow audience, because it's on an obscure textile craft. But it's about the only in-depth website in its area, so it doesn't need to look different/unusual to stand out. Bueno has a sort of stately (stodgy?) look that I hope adds a little weight and importance to what is usually considered a fairly humble craft...But mainly it sets off the different types of posts - tutorials, historical articles, galleries - while keeping the focus on one post at a time.

    As opposed to the fun look of the Imbalance homepage, which I am really attracted to! But sadly decided it was just too jumbled and confusing-looking for my blog...

  4. Oh, on changing themes - I started with twenty-ten in 2010, and have only changed once...Followed Timethief's recommendation and tried out a lot of themes in a "mirror" blog at that time before settling on Bueno. I use Reddle and the Hatch themes for two different private blogs...

  5. Right now, it's Twenty Eleven. I do test drive new themes --for less than half an hr.

    Then I realize for many themes, I would have to go into my blog and do much tweaking if I switched over a different theme.

    It is impressive that is offering an increasingly broad set of themes a point that newbies might be overwhelmed. I do like my present theme but should take full of its present features. Now if you can get me away from my full-time job, my other passions (cycling, art, etc.)...

  6. I must add, I wish WordPress would offer more opportunity to view sites grouped by theme.

    I agree with katherinetrauger, I would love to see sites grouped by theme more often. Always so curious about the ways people personalize.

  7. @katharinetrauger
    You can use Google search to locate blogs with the same footer string (theme credits). You can also search here to find links to other blogs wearing the same theme as everyone who posts there has the same theme you do.

  8. Re: looking at blogs by theme

    Timethief's suggestion is probably the best there is right now.

    I personally would like to see each theme page have a link to a list of, say, the 50 most popular blogs using that theme. To keep it from being a drain on the servers to calculate all the time, it would probably have to be refreshed at set intervals, perhaps every month.

    I may have to suggest something like that to the theme team.

  9. Re Timethief's list of what's important in a blog -- I went to find out if my theme (bueno) was 'responsive' and found out it's been retired! Can't find what its specs are.

    When I look at my blog on my cell, the sidebar is shifted down to the bottom, which seems good, and I can read everything fine.
    Does that indicate the width is 'responsive'?

    The thing I like about Bueno is its appearance, with posts in separate white boxes surrounded by a colored background, can't see a current theme like that, but may have missed one... Anyone know of another one like that?

  10. @ingridcc
    Themes are retired when they no longer support all features. No Bueno is not a responsive width theme. The responsive width themes are found here

  11. Thanks, timethief. I kind of like Yoko, will have to think about this...

  12. I like Yoko and have used it on my personal blog previously.

  13. I guess I'll really have to be sure about changing though - I assume since Bueno is retired, I wouldn't be able to change my mind and go back to it if I switch themes?

  14. Yes you can switch back because you used it on the blog before. Why not register a test blog and make it a private? Then you can export/import content into it make it a mirror blog. That way you can see what the theme change would be like, use it for testing widgets and even use it as a backup blog.

    Register a blog >

    Change blog visibility to private > Settings > Reading scroll to Blog Visibility and choose option 3 .
    export.import content

    Log into the main blog, go to Tools → Export, and download the XML (WXR) file to your computer.
    In the new backup blog, go to Tools → Import → WordPress, and upload the file you downloaded in step 1. After you upload the file, you can choose the option to Download & import file attachments if you want to move your media files.

  15. I'm with Timethief here. A test blog is a GREAT way to try things out.

  16. Thanks again, Timethief, I set up a mirror blog and ended up picking a totally different theme for my blog, only after I switched to it did I notice it's the same as yours! It comes out much better on a tablet than my beloved retired Bueno.

    Bueno actually seemed fine on my smart phone--the sidebar was moved out of the way automatically. But when I checked it on one of the mini-tablets, the sidebar was all squeezed in with the body of the posts...really hard to read.

  17. phoenixtearsheal

    I like San Kloud; Fiore; the new Spun; and the owl on Sine On :)

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