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    Thank you for adding # of visitors to the stats. I have noticed that sometimes the # of countries exceeds the # of visitors and am wondering how that is possible, i.e today I had only one visitor but views from 4 different countries.

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you send us a screenshot of the page where you’re seeing this? You can upload the screenshot to your blog’s media library.

    Thank you.


    I now have a screenshot but I captured it with PrintScreen from my keyboard and saved it as a word file. How can I send that to you?



    Could you please upload it to your Media Library, and then we’ll take a look? Thanks!



    Re-reading your question again, Countries stat is based on views, rather than visitors. So views from the same visitor would be counted multiple times under Countries if the visitor loads a different page. Please see here for more information:


    Got it – but my question is how can the number of countries be less than the number of visitors?


    Uploaded Screen image to media library – see: “3 Visitors 4 Countries”



    Thanks for the screenshot, now I see what you mean. Let me check a few things about your stats and I’ll get back to you once I have additional information.



    Hi again, I had another look at your stats for that day. Something to keep in mind is that visitors stats are delayed by half an hour up to several hours. So it will be common to see other stats advance sooner than uniques (visitor stats). You took a screenshot while the day was still in progress, if you visit the full day report for that date, the final views/visitors look quite natural:!/my-stats/?day=2012-12-26

    Let me know if you have any more questions about this!

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