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How do disable exif information on photos?

  1. I noticed that the photo gallery now offers photograph's Exif information and it even has a text suggesting "Download original". I would like to know how one can disable these options?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Pardon the typo in the headline.

  3. Since this is something that has just shown up, I don't think anyone here yet has any idea of how it all works. I helped someone hide the EXIF stuff via CSS just a little while ago, but I can't find anything in the dashboard to toggle it on or off.

  4. I don't understand why would we want to offer a Reblog feature on each and every photographs in the gallery? It seems we have removed the Permalink option and replaced it with Reblog, but now there is also an option to Download Original. What if I don't want anyone to see such an inviting text to "download" photos? Not that it is a big deal because one can download the picture anyway, but bloggers should be given an option to select how they want to present the pictures.

  5. Give me a link to one of your gallery pages and let me see if the download link shows up for me. It could be that it only shows up for you when you are logged in and will not show up for other visitors.

  6. Correction: the download link shows up only for the images which are not taken by the camera. For the pictures which were taken by the camera, the exif information shows up, along with the option to Reblog and Like.

    I would hope to see WordPress share justification and reasoning on why they are providing these options.

  7. Can you give me a link?

  8. I noticed the same thing going on with my blog today. Heres the link to one of my galleries which, by the way, still shows up if I go to my blog without being loged in

  9. That was very unclear. What I meant is that the 'download original' is there as well as exif, comment etc whether I am logged in or not

  10. I also noticed the same problem on my site today and it basically messes up my whole page.

    I hope this problem can be solved soon as I am totally helpless about it and use my site commercially. I opened another topic about it and hope to be able to add some help+information to this one.

  11. The "view full-sized" is the same as the old "permalink" that was in the carousel and just worded in a way that will be more useful for the bulk of the webbing public that don't even know what a permalink is. So really that part of it is not a change, just a relabeling.

    The EXIF data is also something that was there before they introduced the carousel and a good number of people use and want that, and requested that it be brought back. It would be nice if there was an option to toggle it off or on, but wordpress doesn't really do options for the most part.

    It can all be hidden via CSS for those that have the Custom Design Upgrade and do not want to display it.

    For those that would like it optional, voice your opinion. Not saying they will change things, but stranger things have happened. I think.

  12. sourcinghandmade

    @sacredpath, anything you can do to aid us helpless users would be appreciated. I started a couple of forum topics yesterday on this issue (you helped me hide the EXIF via CSS). WP really did a disservice to many of us...I have a start-up small biz and these changes have totally lowered the level of professionalism on my site. I made the CSS changes to improve things in the interim, but the overall "look" of my galleries went down the tubes. If we could be given the option of choosing our original gallery or this new gallery, that would be outstanding.

  13. If you don't want EXIF data to appear in your photos, there are plenty of programs (including Windows7 itself) which will be happy to strip out all personal data when saving an image before uploading a photo to Just FYI

  14. Of course my suggestion above does nothing to strip out the EXIF data from already uploaded images. /headdesk

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