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How do friends see my posts?

  1. I sent my wordpress URL to a friend. He said that he couldn't see my post and was required to login. He was unable to login. He said something about having to create an account, which he doesn't want to do.
    If I want to post something that to share with professional colleagues AND they have to create an account and login each time to see the information, then I'm not so sure that they will react in a positive manner.
    Please advise, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the blog you are asking about?

    If so, I see it without putting in a password.

  3. Thanks. Much appreciated. Maybe, my friend has a cookie/other problem with his computer.

  4. I have a slightly similar problem , so I hope you don't mind me jumping into this thread..

    a reader left a message in my comments:

    ,,<<I am new at this blogging thing but I am interested in following you. With Bloggers there is a spot to do this but I can’t find it here.>>

    This isn't the first person to ask this, and I asked this in the forums last week but got no reply... problem is that I have no clue what exactly they are asking for... or if what they ask is possible...

    ... can anyone help please as i am too new to blogging to know. ( simple instructions would be much appreciated)

    regards... kiwidutch

  5. There is no Followers thingy here like there is at Blogspot. More sophisticated readers use RSS to subscribe to a blog, and since you're using the Meta Widget, the RSS link is right in your sidebar. People can subscribe via that.

  6. Thanks for the kind reply raincoaster,
    I have not the first clue what a "meta widget" or an "RSS" is but
    I think I will just post your reply as the answer to my readers enquiries...

    um, on second thoughts, might you have a "an explaination of tech terms for dummies"
    terminology to translate your answer answer please please please?
    Believe me, i'm verrrry stupid, and I'm scared to death that some one might ask ME to explain your answer...

    kind regards..

  7. @kiwidutch, just put the RSS link widget in your sidebar: .

  8. Thanks thesacredpath !
    I appreciate the help :)

    kind regards... kiwidutch

  9. So... thesacredpath... if people click on the little orange icon thingy that looks like soundwaves then they can subscribe ? I hope i've installed it correctly ?

    Thanks! regards.. kiwidutch :)

  10. It says you have a error with your feed

    An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.

    Your feed URL is --> You will need to put this URL in the RSS widget.

  11. t3ck,

    I was just coming here to ask about this error message.. cheers for the info on how to fix it , I will try and fix it right now :)

    Do I have to ask someone on another computer to check if I did it correctly and that it works?

    kind regards... Kiwidutch

  12. Sorry for jumping into this feed but I followed the above directions for my blog and when I inserted the RSS widget I lost all the information I have been working on for months. Gone! Can someone tell me why? J

  13. dear t3ck,

    back again...
    when i open the widget RSS, I see where to put in the link you gave me... it also says

    How many items would you like to display?

    Display item content?

    Display item author if available?

    Display item date?

    .. no clue what that means if I check those boxes ? Where would that info be displayed ? .. in to the subscribers email ( i'm wild guessing?)

    once again thanks for the help... you Helpers are very patient with Slow Learners like myself LOL.

    kind regards... kiwidutch :)

  14. I'm sorry, I didn't lose the info it's just not showing on my blog anymore. So, I know I get it back but don' know how.

  15. meseemarvel,

    Sorry I don't know the answer to your dilemma, but know that the helpful others will jump in who can.

    I do know that if you can provide them with a link to your blog then they can see what's happening/what's not etc...and you'll get help much faster...

    I hope that you get all your lost info back pronto !

    kind regards.. kiwidutch :)

  16. Phew, at least "all hidden" is better than "all lost" as a starting point... Good luck !

    regards... kiwidutch

  17. Thanks, kiwidutch, my link is

    I tell you I've been struggling for months with WordPress. Been thinking about hiring someone at Stetson University to help me. Frustrated all the time.

  18. PS The URL you just pasted is the one you must put in your Profile too (so that your nick will link to your blog).

  19. Thanks, I pasted my URL for the third time. hope it works. Thanks for your info but I still can't understand how to get my info back.

  20. @meseemarvel, Before you add any widgets, you see a sample set generated by the theme itself. Once you add a widget, that sample set will disappear and you have to manually add back in the widgets that you want in the sidebar.

    Before you added any widgets what you were seeing was the theme-generated display of archives, categories, links and meta widgets.

    Go to appearance > widgets and simply drag and drop the widgets I listed above back over and into the sidebar section and arrange them as you wish.

  21. I had the same problem thank you for the help!

  22. thesacredpath

    I'm still wondering about this bit of the RSS widget please...

    " How many items would you like to display? (10, 15 etc)" .. um, display where? in someone who subscribes email???

    Display item content? ( my blog posts are already displayed so what does this mean??)

    Display item author if available? (ditto qu above.. my posts already say Kiwidutch... )

    Display item date? ( ditto again..)

    .. no clue what that means if I check those boxes ... obviously it's something you can opt to " take or leave" but if you take it.. what effect is produced? and is it ( easily, ie idiot proof) reversible if you then decide you don't want it?

    once again Thanks for the help... you Helpers are very patient with Slow Learners like myself LOL.

    kind regards... kiwidutch :)

  23. I go to to appearance > widgets and simply drag and drop the widgets. I do this and it erases most things in front of it or brings me nothing but a category/Link title. Blank. I can't explain it. I go to my dashboard and everything is there but nothing shows of my blog even if I drag widgets over.

  24. Which widget are we supposed to see in your sidebar? I see three widgets right now. Also, if you're inserting one wider than the sidebar, it will often bump the entire sidebar to below your posts; is that what may be happening?

    kiwidutch, I had a long answer for you, but this stupid computer erasedit. The long and short of it is, you can tinker without breaking anything, so why not try picking arbitrary settings for the widget and seeing how it looked? That's how we all started, since it popped up out of nowhere and we had to figure it out without instructions. Also, different people have different styles: I've got so much in my sidebar I prefer to keep individual widget simple, so no date, no author, and a smaller number of items shown. You might prefer to have some of that visible. Play with it.

  25. @meseemarvel, you have three posts, each assigned to the default "uncategorized" category. No matter how many categories you create, until they have been assigned to at least one published post, they will not show up in the sidebar widget.

    If you had created text widgets with thing in them, go to the bottom of appearance > widgets page and see if they are in the "inactive" widgets area. If they are, drag them up and into the sidebar.

  26. And for anyone still having troubles understanding RSS, this explains it the best:

  27. Alright. Your advice worked. I dragged "Links" back up to my "sidebar" and all my information is back up. Thanks for your patience. Now, I'm to study about "widgets" more to gain a better understanding.

  28. Yikes Raincoaster,
    you are so right... I just played with my widget ( ouch that reads badly doesn't it LOL)

    So: today's discoveries are:
    a) " display item content? " in the RSS widget drop-down means that if I check that box then on the right hand side of my blog, I get *not only* the heading of each post but also an entire slab of text from each post... yikes THAT put waaay too much text into the sides of my blog, so I saw that for me at least this isn't a box that I want to tick.

    b) I discovered that ticking the name or date boxes in the RSS widget means that my name and the date is added to the headings of the posts on the right hand side of my blog... again, not for me as my name is already at the top of my blog and each of my posts are already dated... since these are on the same page I don't need to repeat the information.

    I suppose my biggest and worst fear is that I know so little about computing and the technical jargon that everyone uses here, and i'm scared of making a change to my blog that I don't know how to undo .... and is now a good time to admit that I *thought* that RSS widget didn't actually change the appearance of my blog, but that it was something that people used to subscribe to my blog and that therefore that the RSS widget was something that effected what went into other people's email. ( yep , was I wrong about that!)

    Just like meseemarvel, I will also go and check out the youtube link that your provided (thanks!)
    I DID try and do a search on the RSS widget for information but that link didn't show up for me...

    I am trying to take baby steps not only in learning how the blog works, but also how the guts of the set-up to run the blog does... no mean feat for a technophobic newbie, I assure you.

    So... I'm a step or two further along the learning curve LOL .. most excellent!

    * * * * * * *

    I have one more question (for now) that I'd like to annoy you all with if I may,...

    ... Now that I have added my link into the RSS widget and given it a name, how exactly does this connect other people who want to subscribe to my blog? does it link to their email ... or...?

    .. and how can I check that it's working please?

    Thanks once again for your excellent patience... it's very much appreciated.

    kind regards... kiwidutch :)

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