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    I’ve contracted an experienced web designer (not marketer) to build a WordPress niche paid membership site for me.

    It has two separate areas.

    1. Free information: Articles, How To’s, A Forum, Member photos, Amazon, EBay links for directly related products.

    1a. “Push the free line” by offering a one month trial for anyone visiting the site. ( A four week video series showing them some basics on how to accomplish what the product delivers. 1 video per week.)

    2. A “member only” section: Video modules of how to use the “product”. (One per week, 52 total) Downloadable product guidelines in PDF. Affiliate program. Video Archive.

    I’ve been able to enlist 3 three experts in this field who will provide the video and PDF content. They just want the free exposure.

    Here come the questions.

    a. Are there better suggestions for which items should lie in the “paid” vs. “not paid” areas?

    b. Should the weekly video be delivered via an email link to a new web page within the site?

    c. I’m putting up an archive section within the paid area. PROBLEM: If a new member sees the archive, they may sign up for a month, grab the archived videos then cancel. (Goal is to to have them “hooked” into the value of the video delivered eaach week. Hoping to retain them for at least one year vs the 3-4 months I hear about.)

    Any suggestions on how to have an archive like this?



    You’re in the wrong forum and need to be over at

    And you’ll want to make your subject line much more specific over there. “Help” etc won’t attract many informed answers. The more specific, the better.

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