How do I 301 redirect my individual blog posts to posts on my own website?

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    I have a new website and would like to move all my WordPress blog post content to blog posts on my own website for the benefit of SEO.

    Please can you advise how I may redirect individual blog posts to equivalent blog posts on my own website?

    For example, I want to recreate my WP Blog A content on my own website as Blog A. When someone clicks in Google on a link to my WP Blog A post then I want them to be 301 redirected to my website Blog A post. Eventually my website Blog A post will replace the WP Blog A post in Google’s index.

    I would be most grateful if someone could recommend the exact plugin to be able to do this.

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you looked at the Site Redirect upgrade:

    That may be exactly what you are looking for.



    You might want to read this before you move:

    My 2¢/
    Generally speaking, your site using a WPcom address has excellent SEO built in and may have better SEO in the long run than your own domain on 3rd party hosting (unless you are using black hat tactics and that will get you dumped by search engines everywhere).
    /My 2¢

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