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How do I access my reserved blog address?

  1. Hi there

    Ages ago, I reserved It's so long ago I now can't access it, probably due to using what's now an old email address. How do I recover it for use now?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to log in as the proper account. Log out and use one of the forms below - sounds like account recovery would be the proper page

    Account Recovery Page

    Lost Password

  3. Thanks auxclass.

    I just sent off the recovery page. Heres hoping. I have little info to give them since the old email and all its contents are long gone, but so worth a try.
    Cheers, Karen

  4. You be welcome & good luck

  5. Does anyone know how long a response to sending an Account Recovery Page takes? I haven't heard back yet.
    No hurry really but I am a bit anxious to know.
    Thanks all!

  6. Well, still no luck in recovering my reserved blog address. I am going to send off that form again, maybe something will happen. I just don't have the old email anymore, the one that I would have used to reserve the address. I hope I can get it back as I want to start my business later this year and use it, and grow it and make it all my own.

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