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How do I access robots.txt?

  1. I would like to use the same content for a page across several of my blogs but I don't want to get a duplicate content penalty by Google. Thus, I want to add these pages to robots.txt but I can't see how to access that. I looked under settings but I don't see anything that says privacy like other posts have indicated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can make duplicate content page visibility settings private. see >

  3. But if I do that, no one can see the page.

  4. You can't edit the robots.txt file other than to block search engines for the whole site

    What content are you wanting to re-use? Which page / Post is it on your current site?

  5. I want to use the content on on other blogs. I didn't put this on the new blog I'm making yet, but I have a place holder spot for it.

  6. Above my pay-grade for the definitive answer - sounds like you only want to use the page for who is who in the zoo for the senior staff - I would think the damage would not be great but timethief and raincoaster are more senior than I on this subject and timethief probably has a link or two that would help - hopefully they will drop by and help

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