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How Do I Access/Add the Misty Theme?

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm sure that this question has been asked and answered a thousand times already, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to convert my existing theme to the MistyLook theme. Can anyone help? A search of the message boards and FAQs has not yielded any results.


  2. You go to Dashboard ---> Presentation and there you just click on the theme and your blog is automatically converted; you do have to hit Save or Update (one of those two, sorry, can't recall). You sometimes have to do some tweaking with image sizes and such before it looks just right, so always check it out before you sign out.

  3. No problems! The first question I would have is if you have a blog hosted on or if you have a wordpress install on your own hosting. If you have your own install, you can find the misty theme and instructions at Sadish's site. If you have a wordpress install of your own, it needs to be downloaded and installed!

    If however, you have a blog hosted with us and just don't have it linked, here is what you need to do!

    1) Login to your admin area of your blog: Say
    2) Go to the PRESENTATION tab
    3) Scroll down to the Misty theme and click on it!

    That makes it your default theme!

  4. I think the poster is elsewhere as there's not a mlittle1105 blog here at

  5. deafnewsnetwork

    How do i upload new theme? I downloaded new themes one folder inside (style.css, single.php, sidebar-left.php and so on) where can i put these, is it upload or copy/paste at Edit CSS?

  6. We cannot upload new themes at

    If you are hosted elsewhere, please read this FAQ entry:

  7. deafnewsnetwork

    Thanks for link! So how about copy/paste in Edit CSS, can i do that?

  8. Those with free blogs from do not have the option of editing css unless and until they pay for a css customization upgrade.
    If you have a blog then you need to go here for support
    If you have a blog then the place to arrange for paying for the upgrade is here => Presentation => Extras => Edit CSS

  9. deafnewsnetwork

    I have and paid customization CSS for a year. Yes I know where is Edit CSS but i have a folder inside many files .php and one .css so it is impossible for me to copy these into single page Edit CSS.

  10. you can't upload a theme here. anywhere that you see wordpress themes, those are not designed with our blogs here in mind.

    however, if you want to convert a theme into pure CSS, that can be done.
    go to the Write page of your dashboard, and use the image uploder to upload any of the images.

    next, open the style.css file, and replace the relative image links with links to the ones you uploaded, e.g.: replace url('img/ with url('

    now you can copy the entire style.css file, and paste it into the Edit CSS page of your dashboard. odds are, it won't look right. but you should be able to rename the selectors to match.

    you can ignore the PHP templates.

    if this doesn't make sense to you, you probably want to just use some of the existing customCSS skins:

  11. deafnewsnetwork

    why are wordpress sell for customization CSS a year that i paid and it is useless?

  12. It's not useless at all

  13. Many of use use the Sandbox theme and develop some pretty decent themes. Just look at engtech.

  14. @deafnewsnetwork
    Do you have any previous experience with css customization? Or is it possible that your struggle is because you don't have experience with css and don't understand how to proceed? There have been some copy and paste css customization skins produced so perhaps one may suit your needs. You can find the links to them in this thread

  15. deafnewsnetwork

    Yes right, I have no experience in programmer because i really have no time for that so just copy CSS or anything to paste it at Edit CSS. I dont need knowledge in CSS, PHP or XML but just easy for design and little code.

  16. deafnewsnetwork

    Why they have thousand themes is not comptiable in

  17. @deafnewsnetwork
    There are themes that are coded specifically for and they are found here Dashboard => Presentation => Themes
    Scroll down and simply click on the one you want. Then view the front of your blog and it will be there. Please try this and then post again to tell us how that worked for you. After that we can work through your problems one step at a time.
    P.S. It would be easier to understand you and help you if you posted the url of your blog here.

  18. deafnewsnetwork

    Haha i know that, that s why i have a folder from desinger, it will be look good on my blog but wordpress is LIMIT and cannot using EDIT CSS!

  19. deafnewsnetwork

  20. Thanks for the link to your blog. I see it is in the Andreas09 theme. However, I cannot understand what you want to do.
    IMO at this point it is not wordpress that is limited. It is your ability to clearly articulate what you want to do that is limiting our ability to help you.
    We are not mind readers.
    Unless you can clearly state the name of exactly which theme you wish to edit the css on. And you can state exactly what alterations you want to make to it through css editing then no one can help you.

  21. deafnewsnetwork

    I read, some of them said upload to /wp/content something like that and some of them said copy single css then paste it at edit css, and some of them said using FTP. I tried it one of these but not success!

  22. You still aren't telling us what you are trying to do. We know you have a theme that you want to use, but in order to reproduce it, you will have to start with one of the themes currently available to users (under Presentation->Themes). You can then overlay CSS code on that theme to make it look like the one you want (under Presentation->Edit CSS).

    It's possible that one of the CSS powerusers can give you some tips if you tell them what theme it is that you want to use.

  23. deafnewsnetwork

    I tried it before but look theme is not right because i have about 15 files for style.css, leftside.php. rightside.php and so on. Edit CSS only one paste!

    Theme name is Daily Digest (3C)

    I think it is work with /wp/theme/... wp/login...

  24. 1) i don't see the custom CSS stylesheet loading on your blog.

    2) as i explained above, you can't upload files here. no FTP, no PHP files, nothing.

    3) you can follow the steps i outlined to use the style.CSS from a theme with the templates from one of the themes we have installed here.

  25. deaf, those themes are for regular wordpress. You can't use them here as we've not able to add in our own themes.

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