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how do i activate "gallery" theme to my already existing blog?

  1. Here's a link to the gallery theme I'm considering:

    I'm looking for a theme with more visual appeal that hides the amount of text automatically visible. I'd like to give visitors the option to view text, only if they want to read the post. If it's possible to use the photo/image "gallery" theme like a menu for my posts, I definitely want to install it. So each photo/image in the gallery would act as a point of entry to each post.

    Is this possible with "gallery"?

    And if so, how do I activate "gallery" theme to my already existing blog?
    Blog url:

  2. I'm sorry, but themes can't be uploaded to That feature is only available for self-hosted blogs provided through

    You may use any of the available themes we have under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. If you are CSS-savvy, you may want to look into purchasing the Custom CSS Upgrade to customize one of the themes we offer.

  3. Thanks for the quick response!

    Can I move my blog from to

    Could I do that before/after going the self-hosting route and purchasing domain name?

    I'm unclear on whether self-hosting is the same or different as a domain name purchased from outside site. Could you possibly break that down in layman's terms?

  4. You can absolutely move from to, but do keep in mind that there are a few differences. One of them is that support for a setup is done through the volunteer support forums at

    See to learn more.

    Check out this help page about making the switch:

    We have posted hosting recommendations at if you are interested.

    It's possible to setup a custom domain name at, but the same restrictions apply. If you want full control to manage all the code yourself, you should use

  5. Thanks for the info.

    On a related note, is it possible for me to use the same theme that uses on its homepage, where 11 "freshly pressed" blogs are displayed?

    I'm looking for a theme with a gallery-type format that shows an image/photo (like a book cover) for each post with just a snippet of text i.e. until you click on image.

    On the homepage each image/photo represents a different blog, but I'm wondering if I can do the same thing for different posts?

  6. That's actually a custom-built theme and not available for use elsewhere, but it is built on WordPress, so you could create something similar.

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