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How do I activate my blog?

  1. I am not sure how to activate my blog. The emails I have received have not been helpful in doing so.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have to click on the link in the emails to confirm your account. After that, blog away.

  3. I activated my account. It takes me to my page:
    Now where to I begin Blogging?
    Please take a look.
    Is it under 'comments'

  4. Im not sure what the link should look like. all of the links i have clicked on have not affirmed anything...if that makes sense. when i log in, it still tells me to affirm through email.

  5. No, it is not.

    Go through this:

  6. Thanks 'raincoaster' I have my end figured out (finally)..... But, that said, the 'learn' URL is a valuable resource. :-)

  7. i have gone through those steps already. the emails i have received simply do nothing to activate my account. thanks anyway...

  8. Well, what do you do with them? is alive and well. What difficulty are you having blogging there?

  9. SoulofCierra, can you get in? can you log in to: YOUR_NAME.WORDPRESS.COM ?

  10. I can login correctly, however I can not make any posts due to not being able to confirm my email. Ive tried making posts, but they are only drafts...

  11. It took about 1 1/2 hrs for the pen image to appear so I could blog. It was not immediate

  12. soulofcierra. My gmail is jack.salemi -- if you send me a screen shot of the email wordpress sent you I will review it for you. Or use the CONTACT page on my website :)

  13. I have the pen icon, i just am not given the option to make posts public.
    It still tells me to verify my email address. but i havent received an email with proper instructions on how to do so. I know how to "get started", and make posts....the site just isnt letting me.

  14. The email has an ACTIVATE button. There are no 'Instructions'. If you click ACTIVATE and then go to your WordPress acct and log out and log back in you should be good. I could send you screenshots. But I can't send images here ;-).

  15. Soulofcierra, This is a copy of what I received:

    "Welcome to (and Gravatar)!

    You created a account with your Gravatar sign up. Gravatar is just one of several glorious doodads brought to you by the jolly people at Automattic. Click the button below to activate your account.

    Activate Account

    Your new account also gives you access to our other fabulous contraptions, which include Akismet, Polldaddy, and VaultPress." __ [The "Activate Account" button was on a BLUE background]. Hang in there!

  16. Hi there,

    Did you get this all sorted out, @soulofcierra? I took a look at your site and it looks like you have posts, so things are looking good!

    Let me know if you're still having any troubles.

  17. yes! thank you! I had to create a new email because the last one was not letting me confirm and begin posting. I'm all set now!

  18. OK, excellent. Thanks for letting me know.

    Have a great week, and happy blogging! :)

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