How do I actually talk to someone at wordpress

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    I want to talk with someone at support

    The blog I need help with is



    Phone support is not provided. All support is done through online communication. Posting your questions here on the forums will allow volunteers, like myself, to help one another with questions we may have. Please see this link for the different support options available:



    Just be aware that if you do not have a paid upgrade, the Contact Support form mentioned on that support-options page simply routes you back to the Community Forums (i.e. here).

    To make a long story short, please post your question here and if needed we volunteers will flag it for Staff assistance.



    Hello.. just wondering if anyone can help me out here.. when i post from my blackberry, the pics i add are randomized by WP. i love that! I would like that to also happen when posting from the macbook? how do you get WP to make that magic happen? thanks!



    @paulf3 – Maybe a little more information would help us out here.

    Please give us a link to a post where the photos have been randomized so we can see what you are talking about, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

    How do you currently post from your Mac to



    wow that was quick! ok.. here is one sent from the crackberry…

    and with the mac i go through the ‘browser’ to .. then onto posts add new?


    I have been asking for help with a refund and domain issues for 4 days now, yet I’ve received only one reply which claimed I had be contacted. I haven’t received any email. What on earth must I do to get help? I can’t resolve this on my own and it is getting extremely frustrating.

    My domain has been down during this period and I’m afraid that the price will rise or someone will take it if I don’t resolve it soon.



    @footfaulter- you start by returning to your original refund request thread, on which you have received a reply and which has been tagged for Staff assistance. Please be patient while waiting for them to reply.

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