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How do I add a contact form with the Matala theme?

  1. Hi, I'm currently constructing a website/blog at with the Matala theme, but the icons that I usually see above page and post drafts in the dashboard with other themes, don't appear with Matala. So I can't click on the contact icon to create a contact form. Is there another way? Am I missing something? If anyone can help, I'd be grateful. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Adding a contact form is not theme specific. The icons appearing in Row 2 will not display unless one clicks the last "kitchen" sink icon #15 at the end of Row 1 of the Visual editor.

    See here please >

  3. Ah, just after I posted that question, I realised I hadn't allowed scripts in the No Scripts firefox plugin. (Smacks forehead.) Now I can see the icon. Thank you for your help also with the sink icon.

  4. You're welcome. :)

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