How do I add a custom widget that updates info from another site?

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    I need help adding several widgets. I have code from the source to add them but I am not sure how to do it. When I try it in text widget they only show text and static imgae and these are widgets that update form information from the source of the widget.


    Are you hosted here at If so, please provide a link to your blog.

    At we cannot add custom widgets or plugins. Only html code is allowed to be inserted into our blogs and text widgets. If the code you are trying to insert is javascript, flash, or iframe, then the code will be stripped out due to security concerns.



    You could use an RSS widget and display the headlines that way, if they put out an RSS feed.



    well I even cannot find the way to insert the HTML code. my blog add is



    Please post the HTML you’re trying to put in the text widget. Put it between backticks so it shows up properly, backticks being the little tick marks on the same key as the ~. So put one at the start of the code and one at the end. Then we can look at it and give an opinion.

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