how do I add a “follow my blog” feature?

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    I’m looking to add a feature like they have at Blogspot–folks can sign in to “follow” the blog. Something like a guest book. I also like the mybloglog, which displays recent viewers of your blog.

    Anything like this? I don’t want to have folks subscribe to email, since I won’t be sending anything out, but i would like folks to be able to sign in to say they were here.


    The blog I need help with is



    the mybloglog widget you can add, though I have found it the be a little janky when it comes to displaying peoples correct avatars. From what I know there’s no way to add a thing like they do in blogspot. Having folks subscribe by email doesn’t require you to send out anything manually, it just automatically mails your blog feeds to your subscribers and that’s done through feedburner.

    HTH – btw you didn’t provide a link to your blog so this is only relevant if you have a wordpress.COM blog.



    You both mention the “mybloglog” widget. I don’t seem to have this listed in my widgets. Do either of you, or anyone else know why this might be. From what I’ve seen thus far, all widgets aren’t available to all themes for those of us using blogs. Could this be the reason the “mybloglog” widget isn’t available in my theme-Journalist v1.3?

    Thanks for starting this forum dialogue.



    Another note. I’m in California, and posted the previous one at 7:20 pm., Apr. 27, 2009, yet the date and time of my other post are shown as Apr. 28, 2009, 2:20 AM.



    There is no mybloglog widget. The code from there goes into a text widget. And WordPress has users worldwide and runs on GMT/UTC for all of us.



    The mybloglog thing has to be manually added via a text widget after you sign up over there: .

    Go to settings > general and make sure that your offset from GMT/UTC is correct for your particular timezone. WordPress internally works on GMT/UTC time, and when you first start your blog, it will be set to GMT/UTC.



    /nod to tsp. I took her comment to mean she was referring to her 1st post in this thread. The times match.


    Ah, yes I think you are right. WordPress itself runs on GMT/UTC, so the times and dates shown in the forum reflect that time, not the time you have set for your blog.



    I’m getting back to this forum a month after I posted my question. I’m sorry about that, and wanted to thank you all for your insightful replies.

    Concerning the time matter: The time for the posts in my blog reflect WordPress’s time zone time. I’ll check the settings again.

    Concerning the follow my blog widget, thank your @thesacredpath for the link. I’ll check it out.

    Many thanks to you all again.


    You’re welcome.




    I used my Yahoo ID to set up an account at I did not see code that would create a “follow my blog” widget via the text box.

    Any thoughts?

    My Yahoo ID is different than my WordPress ID.


    I’ve never done it myself, but this reply in a thread on the subject might help:



    You put the widget code in the widget and MyBlogLog keeps track of all its members who look at your blog regularly. They then show up on your Community page there. I think BlogCatalogue works much the same. The widget shows MBL members who’ve seen your blog recently.

    There’s also the “Favorite This Blog on Technorati” widget code, which you get from



    Thanks all for your replies. I’m still lost concerning this. Why can’t WP just set up a widget like Blogger’s Follow Me gadget. It would help those of us who don’t code. And I’m pretty geeky.



    I agree! I just set up my blog and sent all my friends here to ‘follow me’ – either through the FaceBook widget that I added or the regular ‘follow me’ feature that I assumed was inherent in blogging – until I found out there is no place to ‘follow my blog.’ My friends who are not on FaceBook are frustrated asking “how do I follow you.” Help, please!



    I just signed up and have run many WordPress blogs on my own servers.

    I assumed that the hosted version of WP would have more features readily available than they do. It really sucks that I can’t straight edit the html/php :(



    The RSS Widget functions as a follow me feature, sending out alerts when you post.

    How they receive the alert depends on how they subscribe to it, whether it is done via email, a feed reader, or whatever.


    @paulbradish, this isn’t a hosting service where we each have our own personal install of the wordpress software.This is a multi-user version of wordpress and we all share the same underlying files. If you were allowed to edit the theme files, then whatever you did would change it for everyone using that theme.

    This multi-user hosting service has restrictions that individual self-hosted installs do not, and many of those restrictions are due to security concerns. Any bad code introduced by one blogger could bring down many bloggers.

    See the sticky thread at the top of the main forum page for more information on the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG.

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