How do I add a header w/ a theme that doesn't allow a header?

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    I am using a theme for my site that does not include the header feature, however I do have a custom CSS upgrade. I’ve been told that I can add a header through the custom CSS upgrade, but my question is; how?

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site that you are talking about. On some themes it is easier than on others, and every theme is different.



    The site is

    Right now, we’re using the Woo Themes “custom logo” to have an image in the header, but we’d like to be able to actually completely replace that dark grey area at the top of the page with an image.



    Since you are using one of the premium themes, you need to head over to the premium themes support forum. The volunteers here in the main forums know nothing about it since we do not have it to play with, and besides, that is part of what you are paying for with premium themes, support directly from the theme team and theme designer.

    At appearance > themes, up at the top where it shows which theme you are using is the link to the premium support forums.



    Ah dang. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one that purchased the premium theme, but I’ll see if I can get that person to go into the premium forums. Thanks for the help.


    You are welcome.

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