how do I add a link to my etsy shop from home page?

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    How do I add a link to my home page? not familiar with this theme

    The blog I need help with is



    If you just want a text link to your Etzy shop try the following:
    1) Copy the URL of your Etzy shop from the address bar of the browser
    2) Edit your home page on your WordPress site
    3) Add the text your want to form the link such as “Check out my Shop!”
    4) Select the text
    5) Click the Link button in the Editor Toolbar (looks like a chain link)
    6) Paste the URL to you shop in the in the URL field
    7) Check the box for “Open the link in a new window” so they dont lose your own site when they go to your shop
    8) Click the Add Link button

    There is a good support page here about links for more details

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