How do I add a link to my tagline, or near the top of my blog?

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    Can anyone help me figure out how to do the following, or even give me a clue? I want to have a link at the tippy-top of my blog, either as my tag line, or where “about” is. I know I can make it so if you click “about” it takes you to a page where I can post links. I’ve already done that, but what I want is to just have a link right there clickable next to my blog title. or really near the top of the page. There is space where it could go on the right, but I don’t know how to get anything in there. I also tried putting html in the tagline but that didn’t work.


    my blog is at

    The blog I need help with is


    With the theme you are using it would be very difficult as it does not have top navigation built into it, and it cannot be added. There is a trick that you can do if you have the paid CSS upgrade and have a high level of experience with CSS where you basically create a text widget and then through the CSS position that particlular text widget up in the header area, but it is a very advanced bit of CSS voodoo.



    What you might do is make a single-line post, and set it to Sticky. Not ideal, but it might work and doesn’t require an upgrade.


    @mahdroo: What thesacredpath is describing is possible with html, without the paid upgrade. What color do you want it to be? Also, have you switched themes? (You’ve got Chaos Theory at the moment, while thesacredpath seems to be referring to a differnet theme.)

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