How do i add a list of Feeds to my blog?

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    hello,i need to add a list of feeds to my blog and i have no clue how to do it :/ i have added the rss widget but it seems im not alowed to add more than 1 link there(or im dumb :))) ) …so please help me out :D

    thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    Just add multiple RSS feed widgets. One for each feed you want to display.



    thank you..thesacredpath

    anyone alse with a different idea pls?



    i really need help with this…please



    If no one answers, maybe it means that people have no other ideas?

    Then again, you’re insisting after only 1 hour.


    Insisting is not going to change the fact that we cannot put multiple feeds into a single RSS widget.

    Have you tried googling to see if there are any feed services out there that might take multiple feeds and turn them into a single feed or something like that? There are some services like that out there. Some of them have a fee and limit on the number of feeds. I’ve tried them in the past for clients and found them unreliable, and slow to update. I’ve also found that some of them produce feeds with errors in them that some feed readers have issues with. That is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to recommend them, but for you… ?

    Google “combine multiple feeds” and caveat emptor.



    ok,im new in all this blog stuff,and my first language is not english,so i have issues in understanding some words…i just know ive seen multiple feeds like in this blog? and many others…this is what i need

    anyway,if there is a rule in bumping a thread,pls let me know,i might have missed it when i read the faq


    Ok, thanks for the example. That is a “links” widget.

    You create the links and you can assign categories to them and then you can put a links widget into the sidebar and it will show those links.



    ohhh,so its that wayy..i know how to do that!! thank you again for helping thesacredpath


    You are welcome.

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