How do I add a Meta tag or HTML file to my blog?

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    I’m kinda new to WordPress and im not exactly sure how to add a HTML file or Meta tag. I tried the webmaster tools and it gives me a 404 header error, I don’t know what im doing wrong. I don’t know where to put it and I wanted to make it private so only Google could find it, so I did it on a private page and its giving me that error. Can someone help me on how I can get a meta tag or HTML file on my blog without others seeing it if theirs a way? If there is no way, can you explain how I can just get it on my blog?

    This is kind of off-topic, but people were telling me about page rank, im not sure what that is and if someone could give me a brief explanation that would be great.

    Thank you.



    Have you read the stickies at the top of the forum about the difference between and

    Before we can answer your question, we need a link to your blog, starting with http. And it’s always a good idea to do a search of the forum first:



    here’s mine;

    so how can I add meta tags? :)


    I feel sorry for the people who help on this blog daily, because they have to answer this same question every single day. Whereas, if the posters had searched the FAQ, or searched the forum, they would know the answer to this question. For instance, it was answered yesterday, here:
    And the answers about html are here in the FAQ

    So, henceforth, go thou and search the FAQ and the forums, before you ask the question for the umpteenth time. It is amazing that someone who knows what a meta tag is, or knows some html can’t find the support tools they need.


    And I screwed up the html in that. Dang.


    And I screwed up the html in that. Dang.



    Dear Silverstar,

    I did have a good old search after writing this and I think I found the answers that I wanted, but at this point in time I couldn’t find what I was looking for – I think I was probably typing in the wrong keywords. This is the first time I’ve asked this question and indeed used the FAQ or the forum so I really wouldn’t know that that was a reoccuring theme. If I had known that asking questions that had been asked before was a big no no then maybe I wouldn’t have but that seems a little crazy and very unhelpful. You’ve obviously been around here long enough to see how frustrating it is for users to keep asking the same questions – but perhaps the answers aren’t as easy to find as a newbie otherwise why would the question get asked over and over again?

    All the best for a great 09 anyways x x x




    All you need to do is say “I’ve tried a search and can’t find the answers”. Otherwise, we have no reason to assume you’ve tried. In this case, the other thread was still on the front page.



    I know this now – apologies :)

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