How do i add a new theme to my blog?

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    Hey, i’ve just downloaded a wordpress theme i’ld like to use. I have no idea how to install it into my wordpress blog though. Could anyone help me??

    I’m currenty on the $10yr plan, i’m hoping i can make theme changes on this plan.

    Thanks in advance



    I have no idea what the “$10 a year plan” is. I presume you’ve purchased an upgrade of some kind, but which one?

    Regardless of which upgrade you’ve purchased, you cannot add external WordPress themes to a blog. If you know how to use CSS you can adapt existing external themes, but it’s like translating a book. You have to be fluent in the language of CSS to do it. If you do not already know your way around CSS, you are not advised to purchase the upgrade, because there’s precious little help available from volunteers and none at all from staff.



    Oh ok.. i only upgraded my blog so i could use my personal domain name instead of having domain name for my blog. I wish there was more variety in wordpress themes available then. I liked the one i found but if i need to understand css to put it on my blog then i won’t be changing my blog theme for a while.


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