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    I have an Amazon Widget I would like to add to my blog. All I have is their script. I have tried pasting in the of the available widgets such as text, links, etc. but it doesn’t show up on my sidebar. Can you tell me how to add this widget to my blog?


    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t.

    We can use static text and image links to Amazon if referring to a particular product, but we can’t have advertising widgets at all, nor can we use the javascript and/or iframes common with such widgets.


    An Amazon link on a line by itself will convert into a widget if it’s in a post content area, but it doesn’t work in sidebars.

    Example link:

    It also doesn’t give you the option to get affiliate credit. If you wanted to setup advertising on your blog, you should apply for WordAds instead.




    @designsimply-Could you clarify? Are you saying that judicious use of Amazon affiliate links in a real blog is not OK?


    No, for questions like that, I think this is the best guideline:



    Thanks. :)

    Just realized I missed the “now” in my last sentence. It should have read

    Are you saying that judicious use of Amazon affiliate links in a real blog is now not OK?

    I was referring to this earlier forum post with staff replies:


    There is no blanket, perfect answer.The TOS are subject to interpretation and you cannot make too broad of statements about the rules because spammers change tactics and then we have to adjust (although, in context, it’s sometimes best to make a statement directed at a particular user that is clear and unambiguous). If you report blogs that are suspected as spammy, we will review them and decide if it’s allowed. Without seeing the blog, I can’t make any definitive statement that will always be true.

    In the case of the user in the thread you mentioned. The first blog on their account is: I can tell by just looking at the URL that it won’t be allowed. :) See and

    The rule is, if the content in your blog is good well-written, real, original, not-duplicated, not designed for SEO only, not designed to generate affiliate money then you don’t need to worry.



    @designsimply-From the collective answers given by staff over the past two years, it seems clear (to me anyway) that “limited use of Amazon affiliate links” and “real blog” are the key words here. What threw me was the last part in your earlier reply

    As far as the thread that I pointed to, there was no question about the OP there. :) That was pretty cut and dried from the questions and answers given in that thread, including macmanx’s and mine.

    Again, thanks for the clarifications.


    Apologies if I was unclear before.

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