How do I add a PayPal "Buy Now" Button on a page?

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    adding a PayPal link to a page – the page will not accept the code from PayPal and there there is no “email” source code on the PayPal site that I’m using.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry, but that embed code will not work because we remove input tags for security reasons.

    You can read more about this here:

    However, we provide a PayPal button that you can add to your sidebar or to a post. We have instructions for how to do so at:



    Hi Thanks for your input – the button that I would like to add is a “buy now” the process that the link gives is to add a donate button. Is there another link to assist me?

    Than ks Ed



    The instructions in the doc show the donation button in the screenshot examples, but you can just as easily choose the Buy Now button type in step 4.



    Good Morning I’ve tried following the procedures that you have directed me to, but as I go through the steps in PayPal I have two problems
    1. I have no means to copy an “email” link the only option that I have access to is HTML Code.

    2. When I word on my WordPress page the “Link” butoon is grayed out.

    Since my site is up and visable, I need to be able to provide an option for viewers to purchase my product.
    Can you help.

    Ed Corey



    Hi there,

    When you click the Create Button you should see the html code to copy by default, with a little tab labeled ’email’ that you click to get the email code. If you don’t see the email tab you should contact Paypal support. Unfortunately, you cannot embed the html in WordPress, you have to use the email code.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the link buttom is grayed out.” Could you point me to the page where you are seeing this?



    The following shortlink is of the page where I’m attempting add a PayPal link. The link icons are grayed out and I can not open them.

    Thanks Ed



    Hi there,

    Are you highlighting the text you want to turn into a link? I tested highlighting some text in your page and the link buttons activated.


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