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how do I add a picture to my widget sidebar?

  1. Hello everybody. First of all congratulations to WordPress.. as I can see many people are joining every day in order to create their own blog.. great
    I have the following question. I would like to add a small jpg picture on my widget sidebar... how do i add it in case that I dont have a html code....
    I wanted to make some publicity for my favourite radio channel... thanks for your help already in advance...
    greetings from Switzerland

  2. Here are the instructions

    Edit: Aside from this, if you are new to wp-MU this may be of help to you. It's a link to a post containing all the links to basic resources

  3. If you're still having an issue after reading that, please tell us specifically as to where you're getting stuck.

    Hope this helps,

  4. hmm.. maybe i am a bit too stupid.. i did exactly what you said but it would only show the name of the image but not show it:
    src=“ “
    alt=“Jump“ />
    this is how i putted it.. or is it completely wrong?
    sorry.. I am really new in this field so :)
    thanks for your help

  5. Perhaps these instructions will be more understandable to you insert an image in a text widget

  6. Greets:

    Do note that your double quotes there are showing rich text formatting. That's why they're not working. Not sure how you're writing that line but it looks like your cut and pasting it out of some sort of word precessor like Word or Wordpad. Please try this:

    src="" alt="Jump" />

    Hope this helps,

  7. you guys are just great. thank you so much for your help. now it worked.. .thanks alot :)

  8. drmike is "great" I'm just a monkey pushing buttons. ;)

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