How do I add a Pop-Up Window in WordPress

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    I wanted to know:

    If I am using wordpress for my website, how do I add a popup window in WordPress?


    Fernando Spindola



    Having a link open up a new window? I just learned this yesterday. Just read what drmike says:


    Thank you for the information.

    I want my visitors to visit my website and then a popup window appears.

    How is this possible?



    I think the answer is in the thread nosy gave you. If you mean a popup window like in an ad instead, I don’t know the answer. What, exactly, do you have in mind? We can help you better if we know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, because sometimes there are workarounds that aren’t obvious.



    If it’s a pop-up ad, someone asked me on my old blog if I wanted to be part of this affiliate thing but the code I would have to put in my template had pop-ups added. I turned it down.

    pokerspindola, if it’s a pop-up ad, we can’t have ads on because it’s against the TOS rules.


    Thank you for the support.

    I want to create my website like the one below with a popup window:

    How can I have a popup on my wordpress website just like the website above.


    The popup would not be an advertisement.

    The popup will allow visitors to subscribe to my Real Estate Newsletter.



    That’s not actually a pop-up. It’s an image designed to look like one.

    I don’t think we can have fill-in forms on blogs for security reasons, but what you can do is make a page about your newsletter or a text widget with your email address in it so that people can email you to subscribe (you may want to start a brand-new email just for subscription applications). If I were you, I’d obscure the address by writing it out, like “emailme at gmail dot com” or something, so bots can’t grab it and subscribe you to spam lists.



    Oh wait. I see it now. Raincoaster, wait a second or two and this thing will pop up:


    Thank you for your response.

    The popup window is an html webpage.

    How can I have an html webpage popup in my real estate website?



    Just make a regular page and put a link to it on your main page, setting it to “Open in New Window.” I don’t think you can get an automatic pop-up window in blogs. People have to choose to click on it. Otherwise, it’s WAY too spammy.

    If you want to have things like automatic pop-ups and a commercial, revenue-generating blog, you might consider hosting your own blog and downloading the free WordPress software from, rather than hosting it at Here we have far more restrictions on what you can have on your blog, because it’s primarily noncommercial and the #1 priority is security, so things like pop-ups aren’t likely to be enabled.


    Okay, great.

    My website is hosted by my own hosting company, and I am using WordPress as my plug-in. There should be a way to have a popup window. If anyone knows how, please let me know. thank you.

    If this is not usable, then I will provide a link.



    If you’re providing your own hosting, you need to be at, not We’re running completely different software here and cannot help you. This is covered in the Read Me First thread at the top of the forum.


    unfortunately, we can only support your blog itself. there are many forums for html and javascript, which you will need to accomplish what you’re trying to do.



    Could he get the code for that pop up thing, if it’s html, and buy the CSS upgrade and place it there? Don’t know though.

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