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how do i add a sidebar widget from gaping void?

  1. Hi WordPress support. Is that you Podz?

    I am trying to figure out how to put the gaping void widget (see into my sidebar.

    Can you tell me what i need to do?


  2. now known as Mark :)

    That widget cannot be added - sorry. It's got javascript in which we don't permit for security reasons.

  3. thanks mark! that's a bummer. can i go ahead and post individual cartoons from that site?

  4. Sure - as far as their terms/conditions allow that is.

  5. Gaping Void? I didn't know you knew my ex mother in law? :)

  6. I'm confused. Mark is Podz????

  7. Mark has always been Mark. But for many years many people have known him only as Podz. He has reclaimed his true name. ...hmmm now what would that link be under again ... gone to get it

  8. I believe the cartoonist there encourages people to post his cartoons, but only if they're properly accredited and linked to his site. You can check for examples.

  9. arationalaversion

    Is JavaScript a consistent factor with any cartoon widget? I've been trying to add Daily headlines and Daily Commentary from WorldNetDaily, also. Same issues?

  10. Javascript is banned from all user input due to security concerns. If the scripts were allowed, it would be childs play to start hacking. Then we would have to deal with all of the issues that ignores.

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