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How do I add a 'subscribe to my blog' option on my blog?

  1. I have only just started my blog,and I noticed on other blogs people have the 'subscribe button' on their pages.How do I add this on my own blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    The information here will help you set up blog subscriptions >
    Happy blogging :)

  3. Hi,I am so sorry for being so backward when it comes to technology,but I can't seem to find the 'subscription widget',when I go to the subcribe to blogs page it tells me to click on the subcription widget button which I do,but then that page tells me to click on the subscribe to blogs page,so I am still nowhere nearer.
    I am missing something,is there a button I am not seeing? I am only just new to computers and I am just learning as I go along,so maybe I missed something basic?

  4. @drop30
    This is where you must install the blog subscription widget on your own blog > Appearance > Widgets

    This is where the instructions for setting up the blog subscription widget can be found >

  5. Gah,I think I might just give up.I have no idea what top click on to get the Super Subcription screen,I am clicking on the link you give me,but I cannot see a button for Apprearance Widget,for me to download that certain widget.As I said I am very new to computers and I need the basic of sites and intructions
    Sorry for being a pain the backend!

  6. Dashboard > left hand column > Appearance > Widgets
    Locate the Blog Subscription widget in the Available widgets box.
    Drag it into the Sidebar box.
    Click the to right corner and the widget will open.
    Complete all the information.
    Click "Save" and "Close" when done.

  7. THANK YOU!!!
    You have the patience of a Saint, to have replied to me so many times.I have now added the subscription button and I could not have done it without you.

  8. @drop30
    YES! *** I'm doing a little happy dance for you. :) ***
    Thanks for the kind words and hang in there. It gets easier and I can provide a walk through for almost everything. lol :D

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