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How do I add a time clock to my sidebar?

  1. I am trying to simply add a 'time clock' to my sidebar. I find no where within my theme whereby I can do this. Very frustrated. Can you help?
    Blog url:

  2. Hey got any answers for me? Or you gonna just leave me hanging once again?

    Thx, or not--

  3. Hi there!

    Please be aware that we who answer most of the questions in these forums are volunteers and not employees of wordpress—we like the nice folks who ask questions here…

    So here is some info about adding a clock to your blog:


  4. 1tess,

    Thank you for the info!

    My apologies for my poor attitude. No excuses.


  5. @edifactory

    You are welcome. Did you decide against the clock?

    Yes, some days my most loved ones are subjected to my worst attitudes.

    No excuses…

    happy blogging

  6. Thank you!

    Yes, I chose page 4, fifth clock down, if I recall. Now my 'trick' is where to place it on the side? Choices, choices... (:

    Thanks again! (:
    ps--while we're at it, 1tess, know anything about my other inquiry, no worries if not (and yes, I was ONLY poor in attitude on these two--promise! lol):

  7. You are welcome.
    I answered in the other thread…

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