how do I add a URL to a photo page

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    I want to have a link on my blog to a photo album, such as photobucket. I have about 20 photos I want to share in a post. Usually I just upload them, but as I have so many, in order to save my 50Mb of space and waste time uploading them individually how do I do a link to another site?
    In photobucket you can share an album, but it seems you can only do this by email invitation only rather than having a nice easy link.
    Looking at other support topics I read about sticking them on a page as thumbnails where the reader can click to enlarge – how does this work?



    You may want to use the FAQ pages and not just the forum for helps as well. Take a look at this page:

    Here is information on thumbnails and clicking to enlarge:
    (Read the part about ‘you have 6 options’)

    You also have the option of using a widget as well (this one is for Flickr):

    Hope these answer your questions.



    If you just want to link to the photo from photobucket, it would just be the URL of the image on their site instead of uploading to your site and putting the URL of your uploaded image. For example, instead of:

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    You might instead link it to the actual photo:

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    It depends if photobucket will allow ‘hotlinking’ images off their server. I know Flickr allows it and actually generates the code for you when you view the image itself and then the photo shows on your site, but really is hosted with Flickr.

    In terms of generating a photoalbum of thumbnails on the page, it would have to be done manually unless photobucket produces the HTML code for your to copy and paste into your post. If it is done with javascript or any other script, it won’t work with

    Hope that helps.




    That’s brilliant, thanks. Sorry – I should have used the FAQs. I’m so used to FAQs being useless elsewhere I have generalised, but WordPress is different. Cheers again.



    No problem. The FAQ pages here are very straightforward and helpful. If you do host elsewhere make sure you check on the hotlinking (external linking on another site) like Trent said. You can search the forums for hotlinking info.



    Photobucket encourages hotlinking, but be careful: right now I’ve got over a thousand “Bandwidth exceeded” notices on my blog. Charming.

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