How do i add an ADULT WARNING warning?

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    I use to have my blog on another blogging website. It had an option to display a warning page advising the visitor that the blog might contain some adult content and thus giving them the chance to click away.

    My blog isn’t pornographic or even primarily adult, but does contain some adult themes and material and i’d ate anyone to stumble in and be offended.

    So, how can i add a “Warning : Adult Content” page that everyone will see and have to click through if they want to?



    We don’t have those here.

    We mark blogs as “Mature” instead.
    This means your blog does not appear in tags or search. So someone clicking from those pages with will not land on your blog.
    This has no effect at all on search engines. So you will appear in those like every other blog anywhere. We assume that if they found you through a search engine chances are you are what they are looking for.

    After the blog is made Mature it looks just the same, works just the same except for those tags and search.

    Is it the blog your name is linked to?



    1. There is no such warning here. Report your blog as containing mature content to support using this link please

    2. Remove the username link to your blog.

    3. Reference links – support documentation

    You may also wish to read this >



    I asked the same question a couple of days ago.

    @TT I have just read your tips on this, but I am still left with the underlying question of exactly what is defined as “legal adult content”. After all, different countries have different laws: I do not know what would be defined as “legal adult content” in the USA, yet I believe it is USA jurisdiction that would apply.

    Even Support didn’t help – I sent them the material in question for an opinion and they just replied “Feel free to post it on your blog and send us a message if you want us to mark your blog as mature.” which didn’t really help. I needed to know if the material would be classified as “adult” or not. After all, I do not know!



    I have nothing more to add to what Mark who is Staff has said above. He and I were typing at the same time when we both posted to this thread.



    Thanks TT. So where is there, anywhere, posted a definition of “Mature” or “Adult” content? Or is this purely a subjective assessment on the part of the author?

    In my case I have decided against publishing, on my current blog anyway. When the children arrive I plan on them becoming authors as well, so I thought to myself, would I want my 8-year-old to read it? Probably not. Decision made! :)



    I know what legal adult content is in my country and in the USA. WordPress. is a USA company. I know what I would display on a public blog without hesitation knowing it will be viewed by young children and by grandmothers. I don’t fret about this. It’s up to Staff to make the call.



    There is no definition posted. The answer you got was: posts cannot be individually set to Adult or not. It’s the whole blog or nothing, and one post wouldn’t normally qualify the whole blog as Adult. If you’re really worried, just set the post to Password Protected and tell people they need to email you or use your contact form to ask for access.



    teamoyeniyi – there is no definition because it is impossible to write one. You could have a picture of a naked person and one could be seen as art and the other adult/porn by virtue of the lighting, expressions, other items in the image. And the one most would see as art? Someone somewhere would see it as adult/porn.

    We ask that posts be made because the subject has to be seen in context. It’s like anything else that some could find offensive (swearing, religious stuff to name but two) – the setting is important,

    You could always create another blog just for this topic and do so by first creating a new account if you wanted it to be completely removed from your initial identity.

    * We also do not have definition because we are sensitive to other cultures. A picture of a topless female on one blog may be a nothing but to some cultures it is pretty serious on blogs within their culture and we respect that.



    if you wish warn people about blog content that maybe offensive ( any nature)..

    you can use a text widget or a front-page-sticky-post and write your own warning.
    Doing so tells a random reader you are being responsible in warning them.

    If you want to be clever you can hyperlink text that leads the reader away from your blog (back to the home page, for example)

    —-An alternative to marking your as “Adult”, yourself.


    I like that idea of a sticky post – i might experiment with that.
    I don’t see most of my blog as ‘mature’ but there is the occasional piece that is. For instance there is a fully naked picture of me, but it’s not intended to be pornographic, but rather arty. Although of course it might be offend some. I especially accept the point about different cultures.

    So i’ll go with the adult warning sticky post and see how that works. Great idea.



    Her are the instructions for creating a sticky post >


    Thanks. That bit i’d figured out. I think. It’s probably better than a text widget warning, which might not be noticed.

    I’d be interested to hear view on the wording, i basically looked around. I might trim it down a bit eventually.

    Obviously it can be found at : [nsfw]


    @ theprattlingsofseverin , your warning looks fine and if people ignore it , sobeit

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