How do I add an Amazon Affiliate link for my ebook and other related books?

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    I’d like to have a Recommended Reading page with Amazon affiliate program links for my book and other books related to my blog. I’ve added the links but they open to a WP “oops” page within my blog, makeroomformommy. I have temporarily “unpublished” that page until I can get clarification from WP Support. Thanks for your help.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Advertising outside of WordAds at, including affiliate links, is not allowed. For full details, please see:
    The only exceptions are in italics:

    Affiliate marketing blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of driving traffic to affiliate programs and get-rich-quick schemes (“Make six figures from home!!”, “20 easy steps to top profits!!”, etc). This includes multi-level marketing (MLM) blogs and pyramid schemes. To be clear, people writing their own original book, movie or game reviews and linking them to Amazon, or people linking to their own products on Etsy do NOT fall into this category. Here is a thread in the support forums that talks more about which affiliate links are OK or not OK.



    other books related to my blog

    You are not allowed to set up an Amazon store front. Your blog must be an actual blog.

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