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How do i add an email address link to my blog?

  1. How do i put my email address on my blog so that it opens an email window when a user clicks on it? If i just add the address in the text field it comes out as plain text only. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. elisedesaulniers

    insert your text

    You can simply type the mailto:[email redacted] in the field you get when clicking the link button.

  3. elisedesaulniers

    Oups, the forum converted my post.

    a href="mailto:xxxx">insert your text</a
    and add < before and > after the line.

    replace xxx by your email :)

  4. Thanks so much for the quick answer!
    As you might gather i am very new to this, so any support is really great.

    I want to put the email address in the "Text" widget on the RHS of the page. The "Link" button doesn't seem to appear in that box.

  5. oops i just saw your second answer. but the forum seems to have jumbled that up as well. i'll try some combinations of what you wrote. thanks again.

  6. elisedesaulniers

    no, my second answer works.

    a href="mailto:xxxx">insert your text</a
    add < before the line
    add > after the line
    replace xxx by your email
    replace insert your text by whatever you need :)

  7. Hello, is

    "a href= "

    part of the code?

    thank you.

  8. elisedesaulniers


  9. I'm sorry, I'm obviously missing something in your explanation, as i get nothing on screen.
    I don't need to add any text ("insert your text") so i guess i can do without those two symbols. Will keep experimenting.
    thanks anyway

  10. Hello there,
    Don’t post an email address on your blog in the conventional format that spam bots can harvest. See

  11. Thanks for the advice, Down-to-earth Timethief. Yes it makes sense.

  12. You're welcome and best wishes for trouble-free blogging. :)

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